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Hi and welcome! My name is Hazel, I live in Plymouth in the south west of the UK with my non-dizzy partner Kieran and our mad little kitty Luna. Oh, and I am the Dizzy Dieter.

Now, if you’re here then you’re probably curious about the blog name so I’ll explain. Unfortunately, I suffer from vertigo. This is caused by a pretty rare and very nasty condition called Meniere’s Disease which is a chronic inner ear disorder which causes tinnitus as well as problems with hearing and balance. 

As you may imagine, this has had a huge impact on many aspects of my daily life and the doctor gave me a list of things to do which might help to reduce or lessen my symptoms. I gave up smoking (which is obviously a good thing), I have had to reduce the amount of salt in my diet and, most upsetting of all, I have had to reduce my caffeine intake. 

I will confess that quitting smoking really was unbelievably hard but it’s been quite a while and I’m ok with it now (apart from the odd fleeting thoughts). The salt just didn’t bother me in the least – we have switched to low sodium salt and decreased the amount that we use. The hardest thing of all was the coffee. I have done restaurant work for most of my life – you know, late nights, early mornings and over time. Consequently I have become a self confessed (and completely unashamed) coffee addict. There’s worse things to be addicted to, am I right?

But because of this it has been the hardest adjustment of all to make. I’ve gone from being someone who drinks 3 cups of coffee before they even leave the house in the morning to someone who can only drink 1 cup of “full fat” (normal coffee, not decaf) per day – and sometimes not even that! The upside of all this is that we have got ourselves a Tassimo coffee machine and some decaf coffee pods for it and it’s actually such good coffee you’d be forgiven for not realising it’s decaf!

So that’s the “Dizzy” part of the name explained. Now for the “Dieter”. I am not a skinny woman – I never have been and probably never will be. I’m a little over 6 feet tall. My ideal weight is somewhere between 10 and 13 stone (that’s roughly between 63 and 83 kg) and I weigh…..well, let’s call it quite a lot more than that!

Now, before the Meniere’s was diagnosed (about 7 years ago) my weight would yo-yo up and down anyway but I was in active jobs – running around a restaurant for 12 to 14 hours a day keeps those pounds off especially when you mostly survive on adrenaline, caffeine and nicotine! Unfortunately now, most days I have dizziness, vertigo or unsteadiness to some extent – varying from (at best) feeling like I’m walking around on a boat deck to (at worst) not really able to get out of bed unaided. 

To sum up, I find it very easy to put on weight and not so easy to get rid of it. I have tried the various types of exercise suggested by various doctors but the issues I have with my balance and vertigo seem to make them pretty much impossible to do on an anywhere near regular basis. 

So, putting it all together to kind of summarise for you what my website, the Dizzy Dieter, is about…I am on a mission to lose weight. Unfortunately, due to vertigo, the effects of the vertigo on my mental health and day to day life it’s a mission that goes quite slowly and that I DO stray from on occasion. I try hard not to feel sorry for myself but there are days when I will indulge myself in some naughty comfort food just to perk myself up a bit. And there are days where I cannot manage the healthy meal we had planned out and end up with soup and a sandwich or boiled eggs and a pile of bread and butter.

I’ve come to accept this is just how it is for me – I’ll get there but there’s no point in being too hard on myself or in trying to take the conventional approach to weight loss and setting myself goals and targets every week. That would be setting myself up to fail and nobody needs that!

Anyway, this is my blog and site to share with my recipes with you – I’ll be completely honest with you when I say some will be healthy, some will be in the middle and some will be higher calorie. Oh and you may find some pictures of our kitty Luna randomly interspersed among the recipes because – well, because she’s the queen in our house (as well as being really photogenic)!

I don’t have any expectations around who’s going to visit me here or read my blog – anyone and everyone who’s interested in food and cooking is welcome. I’m just really excited to share my recipes and tips with you wonderful people. If I can make one person happy each day by giving them something delicious to make for their family (or even by showing them a pretty kitty picture) then that’s my job done!

Thanks for visiting – please take a look around and do feel free to use the Contact Me form if you want to drop me a line for any reason.


** If you have a vestibular condition, have a loved one who does or are just interested in finding out more, please click here to visit the Meniere’s Society website. They are a wonderful charitable society providing support to people like me who have a vestibular condition as well as information that they can share with their families, employers etc. They do not receive any government funding and rely entirely on donations, memberships, fundraising activities and merchandise sales for income.**

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